2017-10-3 · LONG-TERM KEY ASPIRATIONS 22 Diversify cash flow through focused investments in non-pulp businesses, leveraging key Fibria assets and skills Achieve a sizable free cash flow from new businesses, in comparison with pulp business. Pursue consolidation as a priority, aiming to build a healthier industry.

Sustainable Forest Management Case Studies (2012

.42 Sustainable Forest Management – Case Studies governments of these countries continue to appropriate forest lands and its resources. deforestation and forest degradation in Cameroon and DRC has been linked to population pressure. cocoa. 2011). exclusive ownership. and enforceability) the forest has become a “common property” with the

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Armando Hideki Shinohara - Professor titular do Departamento de Engenharia Mecânica do Centro de Tecnologia e Geociências da Universidade Federal de Pernauco. As linhas de pesquisa de interesse são (i) desenvolvimento de tecnologias inovativas utilizando raios X e raios gama (por exemplo radiografia digital, tomografia computadorizada, topografia de difração de raios X) de interesse de

International Conference on Appliions of Radiation

The one is an open source and industrial 2D code (Telemac) while the other is a research and modern 3D code (NSMP). Both are considered to reproduce sedimentation consolidation of very fine sediments from sites of studies with an analysis of what happens when cohesive and …

System Concurrent Engineering of Space Payload

composed of several equipments (e.g. power sub-system: one or two batteries, solar panels, regulators, DC-DC converters, etc.). The space products designed according to Meyer and Lehnerd [2] premises are those composed of a common platform that includes usually the same components to all space products (satellites) and a set of specific

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Boukharfane, Radouan and Martínez Ferrer, Pedro José and Mura, Arnaud and Giovangigli, Vincent On the role of bulk viscosity in compressible reactive shear layer developments. (2019) European Journal of Mechanics - B/Fluids, 77. 32-47. ISSN 0997-7546 Arkhipov, Dmitry I. and Battaïa, Olga and Lazarev, Alexander A. An efficient pseudo-polynomial algorithm for finding a lower bound on the

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Directors Report of ABB India Ltd. To support consolidation of group financial statements and audit thereof as per overall group process and timeline, it was necessary for the Company to

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sf6 consolidation equipments in tunisia; sf6 vacuuming recovery and refilling solutions for gis; toxic gas test set in brazil; sf6 gas reuse units in hungary; sf6 vacuum and filling system in malta; sf6 gas purity measurement device in chile; sf6 quality detection systems in luxeourg; sf6 gas handling separating unit in caodia; chlorine gas

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Evoive of our "makelieve" brand message, all of these initiatives are rmly rooted in Sony''s founding spirit of creativity and the ability to turn ideas into reality. With a similar goal of aiding those in need, we responded to the devastating earthquakes that aected the lives of millions in Haiti, Chile …


2015-9-20 · SFú Gas Handling Equipments SF6 Recycling is important- According to the Inter-governmental Panel on Climate Change, SF6 is the most potent greenhouse gas that has a global warming potential of 23, 900 times that of C02 when compared Consolidation …


2018-5-11 · 3. Deck Machinery - to enable the naval vessel to anchor, moor and maintain equipment onboard or to deploy sonar cables or buoys 4. Steering Gear - to enable the vessel to steer during transit at sea 5. The technology, parts and components for the use of and maintenance of the above equipments Not for military use.

Flerovium Market (2014. Flerovium market report includes, What are market estimates and forecasts; which of Flerovium markets are doing well and which are not? and Flerovium companies.

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Commercial and Financial Chronicle, January 5, 1935, …

2018-11-6 · Chile is the fourth ''South American country which has brought official and unofficial rates into closer relation, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay having already taken steps in this direction. The Chilean exchange position has improved nsiderably during the past few months,


Amendment to Resolution No. 1.011 of 2004 Phytosanitary requirements for the importation into Chile of forage and grass seeds Forage and grass seeds Entry into force on 15 October 2012 G/SPS/N/CHL/409 Phytosanitary requirements governing the importation into Chile of …

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These structures use technical plastic films to improve light quality and to reduce indoor temperatures. Usually, a computerized system controls ventilation windows on the top and the walls, the curtains, air heating/cooling equipments, air circulators, fog, irrigation, and CO2 enrichment systems, to create an optimal climate for plants.

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Pioneer and technology leader driving GIS innovations. Gas-insulated high-voltage switchgear (GIS) is a compact metal encapsulated switchgear consisting of high-voltage components such as circuit-breakers and disconnectors, which can be safely operated in confined spaces.

International Conference on Appliions of Radiation

The one is an open source and industrial 2D code (Telemac) while the other is a research and modern 3D code (NSMP). Both are considered to reproduce sedimentation consolidation of very fine sediments from sites of studies with an analysis of what happens when cohesive and …

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In seven years ACCIONA Windpower has manufactured a total of 2,370 wind turbines, with a coined capacity of 3,559.5 MW. There are AW wind turbines operating all over the world: Spain, China, South Korea, Australia, Mexico, USA, Canada, Chile, UK, France, Italy, Greece and Poland.


endesa on the spanish stock market (continuous market) ele endesa on the new york stock exchange (nyse) ele endesa on the santiago de chile offshore exchange endespan endesa was incorporated in 1944 as empresa nacional de electricidad, s.a. at the general shareholders’ meeting held on 25 june 1997 its name was changed to endesa, s.a. endesa, s.a. is registered in volume 323, sheet 1, page